The end of it all?

Started by monjamp, January 11, 2021, 09:01:43 PM

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According to the whois report the domain registration is due August 9th of this year. I wonder if the domain owner automatically renews the subscription or if they bought a 4 year plan. The suspense is killing me.

If this is the end, I want to say farewell to you all. It was fun to talk and engage with everyone that I met through this forum. You guys helped me through the ups and downs. Everyday for all of today, I visited this forum. I hope I will find something else to fill the void.

I'm thinking about moving to myspace. I heard that it's a fun place to meet and interact with your friends. It's a new type of medium called social medium. It's not quite a forum but maybe we could create our own group there.

This is your beloved monjamp signing out. Best wishes to all of you! See you in another life ♥