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Guilty Gear

Started by Mistor, May 08, 2007, 03:59:21 PM

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More guilty gear songs please if you know where to get midi's that would be great too.
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I may work on some Guilty Gear X tabs at some point.  That game has some pretty decent guitar work on the soundtrack.  I've never played the original Guilty Gear, though.  There are a few Guilty Gear X tabs to be found at www.vgmusic.com in the PlayStation 2 section.  I know there are a number of programs for working with audio tracks from games to be found at www.zophar.net as well.  You might be able to use those to actually rip the tracks from the game disc and convert them to MIDI format.  It's a fairly simple process, since game music and MIDIs are both sequenced audio (except for music found in FMV scenes).  I got a program off there that converts Super NES audio tracks into MIDIs.  It works decently.  And you can get a free program called Anvil Studio from www.download.com to create and edit MIDI files.  If nothing else Neill Corlett would probably make you some MIDIs if you paid him.  Heh.  Anyway, he's a great translator/coder/application developer who's done a lot of work in the area of audio ripping for PlayStation and PlayStation 2.  If you haven't already, you should check out his site at www.neillcorlett.com and download Highly Experimental.  It's a plugin for Winamp and XMPlay that plays PlayStation and PlayStation 2 audio tracks that have been ripped directly from the game discs.  You can find compressed archives of ripped game audio tracks from www.zophar.net as well.  Anyway, hope that helps.
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