The Power of Powertab....

Started by Mistor, May 08, 2007, 04:02:10 PM

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Needless to say Powertab is my favorite transcription software and everyone here should check it out not only is it good to use to learn existing songs that have powertabs but its also good for transcribing original work and midi's of all the games you love..

Basically here's how it works

go get powetab...

go get the midi of the song you like from a video game...

now open powertab...

in the File are in the upper left corner choose the sub command Import...

Choose the midi that you got...

Now choose the instraments...

BAM you have a new tab...

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yea that and the instraments are what makes things hard but hey its better then nothing it has been really good for Ninja Gaiden in paticular.
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powertab is a pretty decent program but guitar pro far surpasses it in everyway. especially with the realistic sound engine that was put into guitar pro 5.


Powertab is especially good for Broke people cause its free lol.
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I used to have powertab a while ago, but something happened to it. Now I cna't get it from the site, everytime I try to download it, it has some kind of problem. Does anybody else have another site I could dl it from?
Guitar Pro 5 was free too ;)


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I use TablEdit for importing midis and tabbing things out.  with the free version you can't save tabs that are longer than four bars or something, though, but it doesn't really matter since you can keep the tab open as long as you want.  if you need to check the tab again later, just import it again and you're good to go, takes two seconds.

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I just played with powertab and I think I like GP5 better.
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