Started by Deezer, April 30, 2007, 10:45:00 AM

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Welcome to the Video Game Jam forum, part of Konfiskated Teknologies Network Forums. Here you can discuss tabs on the site, ask for help, or discuss video game music.

Have fun, and please be nice to your fellow members.


Awesome! Glad to see the forums have been set up.

Headed to bed atm, but I'm sure to be active in the forums.


Ill submit stuff if i can.  Heres hoping the forums help to get some new tabs on the site.


sweet mother of pearly white. vgjam finally has a forum. can't wait to see what this'll bring.


This just made the site even groovier.

...If that was even possible.  ;)


Not sure how much I have to contribute, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this place more active.


sweet, message board!   ;D  time to rock out some vg tunes.

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Cool, I am very excited now.
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Hey, good job on setting the forum up.  I've been a browser of VGJams for a few years now.  I've sent in some tab in the past when I was a hack but now I can do pretty damn good tabs.  I'll be writing some in for sure.


oo sweet   :o  I have many tabs I can bring to this forum.. this will be so sweet.. thanks Deezer for always making my day  ;D


YEAAAHHHH!!! Finally! I've been using this site for such a long time! I love this place. Now I get to talk to all you fools :-)


Awesome I love the idea of a forum for the site and thanks to Deez and everyone that submits these tabs thanks to you guys I have somewhere to go during my trips to guitarland.
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Nice, a VG Jam Forum  ;D

Been using the site for years. Hopefully I'll be contributing some stuff in the near future as well...


hi, i am new here. as i see it is quite dead here, but there is some useful threads which can help me.


rollins :)