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Started by Deezer, May 24, 2007, 09:28:01 PM

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If anyone is looking for stuff to tab, here are some old requests sent to VGJ. (I'm pretty sure these haven't been tabbed yet, but I didn't search the site or my inbox.) Earliest listed first:

  • Silent Hill 2 - Letters (Acoustic song played in the beginning of the game, after James walks out of the restrooms)
  • Silent Hill 2 - Love Psalm
  • Metal Gear Solid - Enclosure
  • Gitaroo Man - The Legendary Theme, background guitar
  • Dynasty Warriors 3/4 - Dynasty Warriors Fire Mix (Lu Bu's theme)
  • Mega Man X - Armored Armadillo stage
  • Final Fantasy 3 (NES) - Boss Music
  • Red Dead Revolver - Start screen
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 - Theme
  • Super Mario Bros. 2. - World 1 level 2
  • Metroid Prime - Title theme
  • Grand Theft Auto III - Opening song
  • DragonBall Z Budokai 2 - opening theme
  • Quake II - track 9 (descent into cerberon)
  • Megaman X 5 (PSX) - Zero Virus stages
  • Final Fantasy X-2 - 1000 Words
  • Star Ocean : Till the End of Time - Mining Town of Kirlsa
  • Castlevania Symphony Of The Night - Richters Theme Song
  • Spider-man and X-men: Arcade's Revenge (SNES) - Opening title
  • Alien vs. Predator - main theme
  • F-Zero X (N64) - Mute City
  • DOOM (PC) - E1(M2-M9) and E2(M1-M9)
  • Dragonball Z Budokai 3 - Intro
  • Phantasy Star II - intro
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - City Escape
  • Bionic Commando (NES) - Area 8
  • Silent Hill 2: True
  • Dimension X (Atari) - Title Theme

  • DragonBall Z Budokai 3 - opening theme
  • The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past - Hyrule Castle
  • Megaman Battle Network - Undernet
  • Legend of Dragoon - Dart and Shana themes
  • Dynasty Warriors 3 - Lu Bu's theme or Chang Ban on Wei's side
  • Starcraft - Terran Theme
  • Ace Combat 2 - opening theme
  • Tenchu Stealth Assasins - Level 5- Execute the Corrupt Minister
  • Tenchu Stealth Assasins - Level 8- Cure the Princess
  • Final Fantasy X-2 - "Eternity - "Memories of Light and Waves"
  • Megaman X2 - Crystal stage
  • Mega man X - Launch Octopus Stage [Bass]
  • Metal Gear Solid - main theme
  • Bogey Dead 6 - ending theme
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - She was Dreaming in the Rain
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - battle songs
  • King of Fighters '97 - 'Bloody' of the Orochi Team
  • Phantasy Star II - intro
  • Out Laws (PC) - track 7
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) - overworld theme [Guitar]
  • Silent Hill 2 - Letters from Silent Heaven
  • Wonderboy in Monster World (Sega Genesis) -- Space Theme (Biomecha)
  • Wonderboy in Monster World (Sega Genesis) -- Queen Eleanora Theme
  • Dance Dance Revolution - Burning Heat
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Clock Town Theme
  • Xenogears - Shevat theme [Bass]
  • Earthbound - Fourside
  • Secret of Mana - "A Boy Aims For Wild Fields"
  • Tetris 2 - Bradinsky
  • Valkyrie Profile - "All Is Twilight"
  • Silent Hill 4 - Menu Screen (The Last Mariachi)
  • Castlevania 3 - Clockwork
  • Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie's Theme

  • Starcraft - Terran theme
  • Kingdom Hearts - theme song to Hollow bastion
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) - Miniboss theme
  • River City Ransom - boss theme
  • Spyro the Dragon - Dry Canyon
  • Spyro the Dragon - Theme
  • Spyro the Dragon - Lofty Castle
  • Sonic Adventure - It Doesn't Matter
  • Sonic The Hedgehog CD - Palm Tree Panic Stage
  • Mega Man X4 - opening theme
  • Onimusha 4 Dawn of Dreams - "Oni of The Ash" (soki theme)
  • Grandia II - normal battle theme
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Boss theme "Festival of servants"
  • Tiny Toons: Buster's Hidden Treasure - ship theme
  • Double Dragon - first mission ("the streets")
  • Lightning Force (Sega Genesis) - Opening Theme
  • Final Fantasy 6 - Serpent Trench (w/ delay settings)
  • Mega Man 8 - Frost Man's Stage (guitar + bass)
  • Mega Man 8 - Opening Theme (guitar + bass)
  • The Hobbit - "a walk in the shire"
  • Golden Sun - battle theme
  • Mega Man V - Intro Theme
  • Kickle Cubicle - main theme
  • Dynasty Warriors 3 "Arena" March
  • Dynasty Warriors 5 "The Bringer of War" Hu Lao Gate
  • Sega's Outrun: Coast to Coast - Splash Wave bass tab


i've already e-mailed you a guitar tab for DOOM (PC) E1-M8. I'll see if i can get workin' on the rest on these.


There's some song from Silent Hill 2 that's on the movie, too.  I don't know the name of it, but I'll tab it out one of these days.  It's a piano piece.  And I can probably take care of the Mega Man X and Final Fantasy III tabs.  Maybe the Star Ocean III, Phantasy Star II, and Castlevania: SotN tabs.  We'll see how much time I can find with college, a new baby, and the band.  Anybody gonna do any ActRaiser 2 tabs for me?  That'd be sweet.  I just don't have the time for all that.  I could give you sheet music, though.  Anyway...
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Oh, I have a complete tab for Final Fantasy X-2 - "Eternity ~Memories of Light and Waves~" somewhere.  I found it on a website once.  It's arranged for solo guitar.  It's got sheet music with it, too.  Should I make a scan of it or do you need it tabbed out in txt format?

I also have a complete tab of Super Mario Bros. 2 - "Overworld", I believe.  Isn't this it?

As for Valkyrie Profile - "All Is Twilight", I did a complete tab to it a while back.  It's for guitar and bass.  I tabbed it directly from Motoi Sakuraba's original piano score.  It's in a notebook, so I just gotta copy it down in Notepad.

I can also do the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest ones.  I've got partial tabs I've made for the Temple, Aquaria, Doom Castle, Focus Tower, and Battle music.  I'll get to work on those.
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I've submitted I think 2 tabs for SMB 2 (Overworld and Underworld) but offa the top of my head I can't think what the world 1 Level 2 theme is like..


List updated with the rest of the requests.