What is your favourite Video game?

Started by Nash, August 16, 2011, 11:30:44 PM

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Probably Resident Evil 4, but I've logged way more hours on Continuum than any other game.


i was addict for gta3, mafia, counter strike, and of course hitman 1 and 2 :)

mostly FPS are my favourites, but i also love rpg's..



Quote from: Deezer on August 24, 2011, 08:39:37 PMProbably Resident Evil 4, but I've logged way more hours on best insulated hunting boots than any other game.

I'm going to go a bit more modern. I loved The Witcher 3 a lot. But even that is a few years old at this point. I'm getting old. haha


Witcher 3 is good, it still holds up well to even more modern games. It's really hard to pick my favorite. I still play Ratchet and Clank GC once a year. I played so many hours of Sins of a Solar Empire and SimCity 4. It feels like the type of games I like, they just don't make anymore. I mean they still make Ratchet and Clank games but from what I've heard, they're not as challenging as the original trilogy was. There's Cities Skylines but that's more of a sandbox game compared to the city management game that SimCity 4 is. Sins of a Solar Empire seems to be one of a kind. The devs still update it but the game came out in 2008, I'd really like a sequel on a modern engine.

Modern games I've had the most fun with are Xcom 2 and Hitman (2016). I've also been enjoying Halo MCC but that's a remake collection of old games. I feel like I don't really enjoy games anymore. Xcom and Hitman are the only series I'm looking forward to. Cyberpunk is a new game that I'm interested in but it's riddled with bugs and horribly unoptimized.

I guess that's the issue with new games. They seem to be made cheaply. All the budget goes to the graphics department and it seems like there hasn't been much innovation in terms of gameplay since the PS2 at least for single player games. Multiplayer games used to feel really cool, now they're just money grabs. Loot boxes for everything.

Anyways I hope someone from 2030 sees this and tells me how wrong I am. When I was a kid I thought I'd have the newest console with the latest games as an adult. In 2030 I wonder if I'll even play games anymore, I barely do now.