Started by anotherbobhead, May 03, 2007, 03:33:55 PM

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After all this time, there's finally a forum here! *bows* thank you =) ;D

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I want  make a question, its about there are closing a lot of webs like because they are violating the copyright of the songs. ┬┐Can happen the same to videogamejam?.


Well, you're SUPPOSED to have to pay fees to record a cover song.  But VGJam is just players' interpretations of songs.  They're not always correct and almost never complete.  So, if it's not the EXACT same song, it's not really infringing anything.  Sucks that some of these song titles we have to guess as, though.  Once I found a website that had practically every RPG OSV in the world noted and the track names translated, including ICO for PS2.  Anybody know about this site?  Anyway, that one tab that's up now, "Castle in the Mist," is one I've been working on.  The mandolin and banjo parts (I can't believe I LIKE a song with mandolin and BANJO) are simple and pretty much explained in that tab.  I'm working on the guitar part.  It's not super complicated.  Easier than most Metallica songs, anyway.  Heh.
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