Your settings/gear for game music

Started by Delenir, March 07, 2008, 11:53:56 AM

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Just curious what sort of sounds you guys and girls rig up for playing game music. Distorted/clean? Effects/none? Pickup types/positions? Or even MIDI guitars as rare as they are?


jackson dx10dfs dinky using seymour-duncan pickups, selector switch in the bridge position, full volume and tone.

peavey transtube supreme 100-watt amp head plugged in mono to a peavey triple-x straight cab.

amp settings:
power % - 75
presence - 8
resonance switch - off
efx. level switch - off
efx. loop - both send and return are empty
reverb - 6 1/2

lead channel:
post gain - 1 1/4
high - 10
mid - 1
low - 10
gain switch - on position
thrash switch - on position
pre gain - 10

clean channel:
high - 6
mid - 7
low - 10
bright switch - on position
volume - 1

that's all i really use. gives me a nice ballsy tone with crisp and clean definition for each note regardless of how many i play at once.


Dude that is some full-on scooped metal! Rockin!!