old old PC/Amiga tabs

Started by modernrocko, June 27, 2007, 04:48:32 PM

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anyone remember the game Faery Tale Adventure?  probably not, but if anyone has it or has music for it and is able to tab anything out, that would be awesome.  I tabbed out a version of the Indoors theme which I can submit, but it's not complete as it's only the melody and I'm still working on the bassline for it.

also, anyone have tabs of old LucasArts or Sierra games?  like any of the Monkey Island games, or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, or Quest for Glory/Hero's Quest, etc....

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I remember Faery Tale Adventure.  Can't help you at all, I just wanted to say that I remembered it so that I could be angry at your "probably not".


oh, I didn't mean to offend anyone or act elitist or anything, it's just that it wasn't a very popular game except on the amiga, and I'm finding that other amiga gamers are hard to find now-a-days  :D

if you want, I could send you the tab of the indoors theme, or at least what I've got of it.  it's not perfect but it's fun to play, anyway!  I also have a bit of the intro theme figured out, up to the part where it gets all crazy fast.

also if you want the songs from the game in mp3 format, let me know, I can send them your way.  recorded them through the winuae amiga emulator.

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