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Started by Deezer, May 07, 2007, 10:54:28 PM

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There's a new child board dedicated to tab requests, just in case you didn't notice it on top of the message index.

If something you posted seems to be missing, I moved it there.


Sweet, Personally I'd like to just request more guilty gear tabs period from any guilty gear game the guitar playing is sweet sweet melody to me every time I hear it in paticular I'd like to see Pillars of the Underworld or Riches in Me
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Indeed, this is so cool.
Across the desert lies the Promised Land.


Wich i really one likes me is the Sol Badguys theme made by NEXT "Starchaser"


How about some Golden Axe ones?
Oh, and thanks for taking my request for the Phantasy Star II intro way back.

Party Time 2000

I used to know the high piano part on Phantasy Star II way back when.


Hi. Can someone tab this:
Noriyuki Asakura - Hime no taibyo (cure the princess)


Yeah, we'll get on it right away.


I'm pretty sure the chords starting at 1:21 are Am - Em - Am - Em - Am - Em - Dm - E (all open chords). Give me about a week to finish up some other projects and I'll try to figure out the guitar at the beginning.


5 tabs

off topic your other thread is fine, its different from the itunes one. put the title back on it