new other section?

Started by mhb, March 06, 2008, 12:33:02 PM

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i was just wonderin' what the hell the new "other" section on vgjam is all about. is there a reason perfect selection dracula battle doesn't fit into any other category? is it not from a game?

'cause if it's not from a game then what is it? i'd really like ta know.


ok so i googled the perfect seletion dracula battle thing and it tunes out that it's a a group of musicians that do "rock" versions of castlevaina tunes according to wikipedia.

rock versions? wtf? castlevania is straight up metal like a mix of iron maiden and mercyful fate is what it sounds like ta me. anybody ever heard any of these albums?

Eclipsed Moon


The Dracula Battles are definitely in the top five of my favorite soundtracks. I'm sure they're on Galbadia Hotel, check 'em out sometime.