Partiture + Guitar Pro = tablature. A good way to tab a partiture.

Started by burndante, May 15, 2007, 06:00:58 AM

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   This is a way to make a tablature using any partiture like the ones from or at galbadia hotel wich are official and high quality partitures.

1º Get the partiture(google).
2º Open guitar pro with a tab line and partiture line.
3º Transcribe the partiture and GP will automatically write the tab.

GP will use an scale, you can try to find another, or can try mix two instruments in one....


Hello everyone ;D.
Im Mathius and what a nice surprise. I really love the idea of this forum. Brilliant! idea. The reason i posted in this topic is because its actully about Guitar Pro. I cant seem to be able to use the low end of the keyboard on Guitar Pro 5. So i cant play really low notes and its annoying me cause i have this great composition in the works. I was wondering if any of you guys had the same problem as i have. If know anything please let me know cause im getting annoyed ha ha :D. Hope to hear from u all. Stay Safe everyone from Mathius \m/


I cant help you because im novice using guitar pro and im very busy with my career. If u r trying to tab a partiture send it to me and ill try to do something. Soon ill post tabs using this way of tabbing. See u soon.


This is the ninja gaiden 2 act 1, scene 1 main melody from the galbadia hotel sheet music section. Enjoy it and feedback is welcome.